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Stainless Steel Grille Cover

Key Features:

This product is a Factory Certified Accessory. These three words represent quality parts and accessories designed specifically for your appliance. Time tested engineering that meets our strict quality specifications
Package contains (1) LID - GRIll COVER,TOP,SST,FSR
Package contains (1) Stainless Steel Grille Cover
No tools required for installation
30-Day Return Policy
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$114.99 MSRP

Stainless Steel Grille Cover

$114.99 MSRP


Starting At

$114.99 MSRP

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This Stainless Steel Grille Cover adds extra work space to your kitchen by creating a flush cooktop surface. This cover also keeps your griddle or Grille dust free and ready to use for the next meal you cook. Made of heavy duty and durable stainless steel, this Grille cover is an accessory that can be used across several brands; check to see if your model number is compatible. Installing this accessory will require no disassembly or repair experience.


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