Remodeling: Where to Start

Expert Overview

Every remodel project is different, but there are some general tips to follow when you’re about to begin on a full kitchen remodel. There’s a large amount of detail and decisions to consider, but a good step-by-step plan is always the best way to start.

There are three “best practices” when you’re considering remodeling.

1: Build a design idea book and separate it into categories.

Include pictures of what you don’t like. That may seem strange but it’s actually a useful tool to help narrow down what you do like.

2: Think about your overall budget before you start.

You need to know ahead of time what the maximum dollar amount will be.Then put 20% of it away. This amount will come in handy for the surprises that come along with any remodel; like that expensive but must-have-it tile you discover halfway through the process.

3: Expect that everyone will give you advice: your neighbors, your friends and family, and, of course, design professionals.

Keep in mind that it’s your kitchen and should reflect your taste and personality. The design professional you decide to work with (if you plan on hiring one) should understand your style and vision to be able to create a kitchen that’s right for you, works beautifully in your space and complements your lifestyle.