A Guide to Dishwashers

Here’s what you need to know when considering a new dishwasher.

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Opt for a powerful cleaning system. (And quiet performance.)

A dishwasher not only has to look beautiful in your kitchen; it needs to clean beautifully as well. So it’s important to consider the cleaning and drying performance of a dishwasher model and how it works for different types of stains and residue as well as different types of dishware and cookware.

Jenn-Air® dishwashers feature the The TriFecta™ Wash System, which features three-stage filtration and alternating wash action for exceptional cleaning that gets every load sparkling.

Jenn-Air® dishwashers are also exceptionally quiet. They offer different sound packages featuring various decibel levels. Measured as dBA (DeciBel A weighted filter) this category is used to measure lower level sounds within the range of people’s natural hearing recognition.

Jenn-Air® dishwashers feature dBAs as low as 40 dBA, for barely perceptible sound while the dishwasher is running. No other line of dishwashers is quieter.*

*Based on average published model line decibels of Jenn-Air® dishwashers versus leading premium brands.

Choose the features right for you.

Understanding different cleaning cycles and options will help you choose the best model for your needs. Whether you typically wash smaller loads or frequently entertain and use your dishwasher during a dinner party, you can find the optimal mix of cleaning performance and cycle options to meet your needs.

Cycles are primary wash settings, while options are additional functions you can select to enhance the cycle. The ones you find most important will depend upon your day-to-day dishwashing needs and the level of convenience they offer you.

Jenn-Air® dishwashers offers several different cycles and options. Many models offer our Heavy Wash cycle. Designed to clean larger loads and heavy amounts of food residue, this cycle uses two washes and three rinses.

China/Crystal Cycle uses a low-pressure wash spray to gently clean your most delicate glassware and stemware.

Ideal for entertaining, the Plate Warmer Cycle quickly heats plates.

Using sensors to determine load size and food residue, the Sensor Wash Cycle with ClearScan™ Turbidity Sensor automatically chooses the correct cycle, customizing every load for optimum results.

Options include a Super Scrub option, which enhances any cycle you choose with additional heat or water to clean especially challenging food residue.

Available in several models, the Top Rack Only option allows you to clean a smaller load, using less water and energy for impeccable cleaning. This is ideal when you have smaller loads or are entertaining

Our Precision Dry™ Plus option enhances drying results for any cycle, resulting in less visible spotting from condensation, for a consistently flawless finish.

There’s a standard size. And many finish options.

Standard dishwashers, designed to fit into cabinetry as under counter built-ins, offer spacious interiors with upper and lower racks to hold a variety of dishes, cookware, cutlery and glassware for cleaning.

When it comes to finishes, you have many choices. You can select a finish like stainless steel to match the dishwasher with other appliances, or allow it to disappear into cabinetry by adding custom panels.

Jenn-Air® dishwashers are available in a variety of finishes, including three different stainless steel options. These include the bold commercial styling of Pro-Style® Stainless — featuring diamond-etched handles, the clean lines of Euro-Style Stainless — featuring elegantly curved handles, as well as classic stainless. Sleek Floating Glass in black or white, and a black metal finish offer dramatic alternatives to stainless steel. You can also opt for custom panels to blend with cabinetry for an integrated look.


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