Expert Overview

Flooring is an important part of the mix when planning your kitchen. These days, options have moved beyond wood and tile to include eco-friendly choices like bamboo, cork and reclaimed woods.

Brick, concrete and rubber are increasingly popular. Brick comes in various colours and textures and offers an antique look. Concrete can give a modern feel, especially with the addition of stain. Rubber, often seen in professional kitchens, comes in custom colours and is highly durable.

Think about: Floorplan

Wood may be a good choice for an open kitchen that flows into other parts of the home. Wood also adds warmth and character. The downside is that it requires more upkeep to look pristine. Sealed or pretreated wood may maintain its original beauty longer.

Think about: Upkeep

Know your daily traffic patterns; some surfaces withstand continual use better than others. Wood surfaces wear out more quickly; tile can crack. Brick, rubber, cork and bamboo are good options for a busy kitchen.