Colour & Lighting

Expert Overview

Colour and lighting determine the overall mood of your kitchen, how large it looks or inviting it feels. Colour includes cabinetry, countertops and flooring as well as paint. Lighting dramatically affects that colour, so carefully plan these two elements together.

Think about: Colour

Decide whether you prefer a more monochromatic space or want contrast. Then think about your palette: earth tones or brighter shades? Next, kitchen size: a large, open space may lend itself to colour throughout, while an accent wall may work well in a smaller space.

Think about: Lighting

Consider different lighting types and how they’ll affect the ambiance of the room. There are: ambient or general lighting; accent lighting which adds drama to a specific area or feature; task lighting like pendant lights or under-counter lighting; natural light from new windows or skylights.

Think about: Where colour lives

Love bright colours? Incorporate them strategically. You may love lime green countertops. Will you still love them in 10 years? Think about using lime green as a wall colour, easily updated as your tastes change.