Expert Overview

Cabinetry is such an important part of kitchen design, for the practical reason of storage. But when it comes to aesthetics, there are many options that can really impact the overall look of the room.

Think about: Placement

Cabinetry is one of the more flexible elements of kitchen design. You can create unique sizes or placements or enhance traditional configurations. The only limit is your imagination. (And, potentially, your budget; cabinetry, especially custom cabinetry, can be expensive).

Think about: Finish

There are different woods, different veneers. Many people today are opting to use recycled materials in cabinetry, like reconstituted woods. There are more and more options in patterns, textures and finishes.

Think about: Beyond finish

Consider storage-enhancing options like roll-out shelves, roll-out trays and cutlery dividers. Display options like glass doors, glass shelves and open shelving can show off beautiful dishes and glassware.