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JennAir® RISE™ 24" Built-In Coffee System

Bold flavor. Rich crema. A heavenly aroma. From expertly crafted espresso to frothed milk cappuccino, the JennAir® built-in coffee system is calibrated precisely to prepare coffee on demand, refined to anyone’s taste. Brew up to 4 oz. of luscious espresso with customized strength, temperature and grind. Sip. Savor. The perfect cupawaits.

Model #: JJB6424HL Category:
Ground Coffee Compatibility
Indulge percolating cravings with coffee, espresso and cappuccinos made with pre-ground coffee or whole beans.
Cup Tray with Integrated Drip Tray
Gourmet brews flow into waiting vessels nestled safely in the cup tray. Beneath, stray drips and water from rinse cycles are captured in the integrated drip tray, which is easily removed and cleaned.
Concealed Storage
Coffee supplies go incognito until you draw them out of hiding.
Stealth Flush Design
Create an unbroken silhouette. Discreet ⅛" reveals envelop every side, as dark interiors and glass expanses pull you in.
3.5-inch, Full-Color, Multi-Lingual LCD Display
The full-color LCD display is compact and packed with 2 languages for you to choose from, English and French. With just one touch of the intuitive control panel, cafe-style drinks, tailored to individual tastes, are brewed right in your native tongue.
Emotive Controls
Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance.
LED Lighting
LED lights instinctively come alive, chasing away shadows to reveal vivid details.
Water Reservoir
With no direct plumbing required, installing and keeping your built-in coffee system brimming with water is seamless.
Removable Brewing Unit
Taste upheld. Preserve flavor integrity with an easy-to-remove, easy-to-access and easy-to-clean brewing unit.
Whole-Bean Coffee Grinder
Finely ground, flavor rich. This grinder’s barista-style metal construction transforms the freshest beans into the most flavorful coffees, espressos, cappuccinos and more.
Dual Dispensing Spouts
Serve guests simultaneously. Height-adjustable, dual-dispensing spouts let you brew two cups of barista-style coffee or espresso at one time.
Automatic Brewed Grounds Collection
Use them, then lose them. Brewed coffee grounds are shaped into pucks for easy disposal.
Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container
From an airy, lustrous froth to a thick, decadent cream, create coffeehouse-style cappuccinos and lattes any time without leaving home.
Hot Water Dispenser
Bring the heat to tea, hot chocolate, or any other drink that requires hot water.
Pre-Heat Rinse Function
Primed for taste and touch. Preheat the system—and even your cup if desired—to help ensure your next sip is at an optimally hot temperature for your discerning palate.
Coffee/Espresso Brewing Option
Pure flavor extracted. Barista-style coffee and espresso are prepared to the strength of your liking.
Cappuccino Option
Complete with light or thick froth, savor barista-style cappuccinos the way they are meant to be.
Adjustable Coffee Strength
Flavors mellow. Flavors bold. With 5 coffee strengths to choose from, brew to your taste without the need to measure the amounts of water or coffee.
Adjustable Grinder Settings
Tantalizing textures. From fine to coarse, optimal brewing is as effortless as turning the coarseness adjustment knob on the metal burr grinder with 7 settings.
Serving Size Customization
Size things up. Whether you’re serving up espresso shots, mugs of coffee, and everything in between, brew enough to satisfy the whole room.
Temperature Customization
Just right. Whatever your temperature preference is, choose from three hotness levels for your coffee, espresso and cappuccino.
Auto-Start Mode
Ready when you are. Auto-Start Mode ensures the system will be turned on and pre-heated at the time of your choosing.
Auto-Off Mode
Only turned on when you need it. Auto-Off Mode turns the system off after a timeframe of your choosing.
"Fill Tank" Alert
This alert ensures you’ll always know when to fill the water reservoir without manually checking on the water level.
"Fill Beans Container" Alert
An alert that tells you when to add coffee beans to the whole-bean coffee container.
"Empty Waste Coffee Container" Alert
This alert eliminates guesswork by telling you when it’s time to empty the brewed coffee grounds from the grounds collection compartment.
Water Hardness Setting
Put it to the test. Keeping your system descaled for optimal performance is easy with the water hardness setting and simple-to-use water hardness test strip (included).
Descaling Mode
Don’t let things build up. Descale Mode helps reduce limescale deposits in the water lines.
Statistics Function
Keep track of your built-in coffee system’s usage statistics with this convenient function.
Experts at the Ready
Our crew relentlessly engages with JennAir® appliances day in, day out. Initiated in rigorous product, process and culinary training, this team answers to you—from sales to installation to ownership.
Configuration and Overview
Flush-to-Cabinet Installation OptionsYes
LED LightingYes
Dual Dispensing SpoutsYes
Coffee System Features
Automatic Brewed Grounds CollectionYes
Coffee Measuring ScoopYes
Concealed Storage TraysYes
Cup Tray with Integrated Drip TrayYes
Empty Waste Coffee Container AlertYes
Fill Beans Container AlertYes
Fill Tank AlertYes
Ground Coffee CompatibilityYes
Selection OptionsCappuccino Option, Coffee-Espresso Brewing Option, Frothing System with Intergrated Milk Container, Hot Water Dispenser
Descaling ModeYes
Adjustable Coffee StrengthYes
Pre-Heat Rinse FunctionYes
Removable Brewing UnitYes
Serving Size CustomizationYes
Temperature CustomizationYes
Water Hardness SettingYes
Depth19 11/16
Height17 7/8
Width23 7/16
Cutout Depth21 11/16
Cutout Height17 3/4
Cutout Width21 1/16
    Limited Two Year Warranty Parts and Labour. For two (2) years from the original retail purchase date, any part which fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Refer to the Use and Care for warranty details.

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