A Guide to Ranges

Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering ranges.

There are several fuel-type options to choose from.

Gas ranges, which use natural gas (or propane, when converted to LP) in both the top burners and in the oven, offer a bold look—often with commercial-style details—and powerful burners. Jenn-Air® gas ranges come ready for natural gas use; an LP conversion kit is included with each gas range. Many people prefer gas for its precision in controlling the heat of the burners and its ability to heat up quickly. It’s also ideal for high-heat cooking techniques like searing and wok cooking. (A code compliant gas connection must be available in your home to select a gas range.)

Electric ranges, which use electricity in the top elements and in the oven, offer a sleek glass surface on top. Many people prefer electric ranges for the even heating it offers in the oven, and the top elements’ high temperatures and great responsiveness.

Dual-fuel ranges, which offer the powerful burners and bold look of gas ranges, feature gas burners on the top and electric heat in the oven. Many people consider this “the best of both worlds” because it offers the precision of gas on top and the consistent heat of electric in the oven.

There are two basic range types.

Slide-in ranges fit virtually flush with cabinetry. They feature contoured sides that allow them to easily slide in between cabinets for a customized look.

Freestanding ranges stand between countertops or can be exposed at one or both sides. Their sides are flat, for a finished look from any angle.

Comparing convection to thermal.

Although some home cooks may not yet be familiar with the details of convection cooking, they (and their guests) may appreciate the consistent results it produces.

Convection ranges, available in gas, electric and dual-fuel, offer convection heat along with conventional heat. Convection power features multiple sources that create heat, and fans that distribute it evenly throughout the oven. This results in uniform temperatures for exceptionally even cooking, and also reduces cooking time.

Thermal ranges (also known as “conventional”) offer standard thermal systems, the traditional baking systems found in many ovens. A thermal system heats the oven from a single, radiant source.

Many Jenn-Air® ranges offer convection cooking. Several models feature our Dual-Fan MultiMode® True Convection System with a 1,200-watt oval heating element and two round fans that distribute heat evenly and thoroughly throughout the oven. It offers six different convection cooking modes, including bake, roast and broil, which all deliver beautifully consistent results.

Several Jenn-Air® models offer Two-Speed MultiMode® Convection System, with two fan speeds and three radiant elements that provide consistent heat on every rack for evenly browned, perfectly cooked dishes.

Several Jenn-Air® models offer MultiMode® Convection System with Convection Element, which features a convection fan that circulates heated air over, under and around food for superbly even cooking and browning.

The details of downdraft.

Downdraft ranges, in gas, electric and dual-fuel, feature a built-in ventilation system that captures smoke and cooking odors right at the cooking surface, to powerfully clear the air without requiring a hood.

Modular ranges offer additional versatility.

Modular design, available in select gas, electric and dual-fuel ranges, allows you to reconfigure the top of the range to suit your preferred cooking style. Modular ranges come with existing configurations, such as a grill assembly, burner or radiant element. Additional cartridges allow you to choose additional burners, elements or even a griddle.

The basics of BTUs.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the measure of a burner’s energy output, and refer to gas burners. Each burner has its own BTU measurement. Higher BTU output means higher heat; important for cooking techniques like searing and wok cooking. Jenn-Air® traditional gas ranges feature burners that offer 16,000 BTUs, while our Pro-Style® ranges feature burners that offer 20,000 BTUs. Some models also feature lower-heat simmer burners, which go from 5,000 to as low as 500 BTUs, to provide the gentle heat needed for melting butter or simmering delicate sauces.

The power of commercial style.

Serious cooks love the “big” performance and design of commercial-style ranges, which offer power and heft inspired by ranges in professional kitchens. Jenn-Air® Pro-Style® ranges feature high-heat burners (our most powerful burner offers 20,000 BTUs) and precise convection settings to help you achieve chef-worthy results, as well as details like diamond-etched handles and heavy-duty knobs. Some models also include a high-performance, chrome-finish griddle.


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